ToroYaka, situated in the heart of the famous Balule Game Reserve, is the perfect place to treat yourself to a luxurious safari getaway in Africa. Our haven offers guests a truly restful experience, in a safe and private lodge, built to accommodate only a handful of guests at any given time. While staying at our lodge, guests are treated to some truly once in a lifetime wildlife sightings. Whether it is lazy days spent sitting on our deck and quietly watching the passing wildlife, or mornings and afternoons spent in the back of a real safari vehicle, catching sight of animals in their natural habitats, guests will leave our luxury safari lodge with Africa in their hearts.

Of all of the many places you could choose to stay when visiting South Africa and going on a safari, why is staying in a safari lodge the better choice?

Choosing to stay in a safari lodge is one of the best decisions you will make when planning your trip. It takes the whole experience to the next level and it ensures that you will enjoy a more secluded and private getaway, compared to those who choose to go the more commonly used route. Safari lodges are made to give guests a more exclusive stay and they come with plenty of additional things to do.


This is why you should choose the private ToroYaka Safari Lodge:

  • We have an exclusive safari space within Balule. Because the space is only shared with a handful of other reserve lodges and their guests, the reserve is never overcrowded and it doesn’t have that commercial vibe that most guests are looking to avoid. We also have our own safari vehicles and guides who know the area well.
  • We are in a great location when it comes to catching sight of all kinds of interesting animals and our guides can take a few more concessions when it comes to getting up close.
  • We can offer one of the most productive game viewing opportunities in Africa. Balule is far smaller than the Kruger National Park, but it is home to one of the widest varieties of animals. 3 days spent with us could provide you with more wildlife sightings than you would have when staying in a bigger reserve.
  • Our lodge is more than a lodge. Ours is an oasis of calm and relaxation. Guests will not only have quiet, secluded lodgings but will also be treated to incredibly delectable meals in our restaurant. Guests can also spend time unwinding at our rejuvenating spa.

ToroYaka Luxury Safari Lodge is a one of a kind place and those who choose to stay with us become a part of the family. Book your stay with us today and experience the other side of Africa.