White Water Rafting is an extremely exciting activity but it is also quite dangerous. Here are 10 rules you need to know when tackeling the rapids…

Rule #1: Never go Hungry

Going White Water Rafting is a tiring and energy consuming activity and it would be very unwise to go on an empty stomach, especially if you are doing a full day rafting experience. So when you do decide to take on the rapids, make sure to have a very full and hardy breakfast so you can have enough energy to take on this exciting activity.

Rule #2: Laugh and Enjoy

Rafting might be a terrifying concept and you may be terrified out of your mind when going down the rapids but luckily your trained guide is there to keep you calm and tell jokes to make you feel a bit more at ease. Even though the jokes may be boring or lame, laugh and enjoy because happy people make the experience so much more enjoyable.

Rule #3: Bathing Suits are optional

There is nothing more annoying than going for a swim and not having a swim suit or bathing suit so it would be understandable that people would be annoyed if you dont have a swimsuit for riding the rapids. Aside from not getting wet, the swimsuit helps maintain your body’s temperature and also gives some slight physical protection.

Rule #4: Pretend you’re Indy or Lara

Sometimes the only thing you can do to make yourself enjoy something is to pretend its something else. If you are scared when taking on the rapids, pretend you are Indiana Jones or Lara Croft escaping from a bunch of mercenaries down a river and through rapids. Sometimes its just a little mind set change that you need so you can enjoy something.

Rule #5: Look and Listen

You cannot finish a rafting expidition all by yourself and that means communication is key. You must communicate with everyone on the raft if you want to successfully get to the end and have a great time as well. Your guide will run through all the rules and will say that communication is integral as a lack of communications leads to conflict between members as well as it can endanger the lives of the rest on the raft.

Rule #6: Wear sun protection

You might be getting wet and have a wet suit on but it doenst mean you shouldn’t wear sunscreen when taking on the rapids. The sun is constantly shinging and beaming down on you while you are on the water and you burn much easier when you are in water so wearing sunscreen is integral in protecting you. So instead of being a big show, put on sunscreen on your hands and face so that you at least won’t have an uncomfortable tan that looks silly and hurts.

Rule #7: Stay on the Boat

This might be a rather silly rule to say when you are on the wild rapids but it will be better and safer to stay on the raft at all times. This doesnt necessarily mean falling out of the boat (because everyone has a chance of falling out) but it applies more to being silly by leaning out of the boat, grabbing objects in the water, standing up or sitting on other people. This all puts you in a dangerous position to fall out of the boat and can also make the raft wildly unstable which can lead to everyone either losing control of the raft or the raft tipping over and everyone getting soaked. When you fall out of the boat, everyone in the raft has to stop or slow down the raft so you can get close and get in the raft. you can also get caught under rocks or in a tricky situation that can put you in a lot of danger.

Rule #8: Use your personal Floatation Device

This could possibly be the most important rule of all. Always wear your Personal Floatation Device when you are in or close to the water. The floatation device, as the name says, prevents you from sinking into the water which will help you from drowning. When you fall out of the raft, make sure your head is facing upstream and your legs are downward facing so you can kick any objects in your way. You can only remove your Personal Floatation Device when your guide informs you that its safe to do so.

Rule #9: Never go Hungry

Keeping your head up not only allows you to see clearly what is going ahead of you but it helps you prepare for what’s coming. You cannot do anything while you are looking down in the raft the whole time. It will be safer for everyone if every member paid attention to whats going at all times.

Rule #10: Wear closed shoes

Though you might be in a raft in the water, you must still wear closed shoes. The reason for closed shoes is because there a re plenty of sharp and dangerous rocks and objects under the water that can seriously injure or maim you. When you do take rest stops you will need closed, sturdy shoes so you can walk on the slippery and jagged rocks.

White Water Rafting is a dangerous and exhilarating experience but if you follow these integral rules you will have fun and be safe.

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