In this new post-COVID age, travel has taken on a whole new meaning, especially for those who are looking to have more than just the average travel experience. You could say we’ve taken the opportunity to travel for granted. And now that we can get outdoors again, and see the world in all its beauty, now might be a great time to practice a little purposeful travel.

Travelling with a purpose is not just great for the country and its people, but it can also give you a more meaningful experience. While it will still be something that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed, it is also the kind of meaningful adventure that will allow you to truly tap into what you are seeing and feeling as you travel.

Africa is a great place to practice purposeful travel. As a developing continent rich in culture and with such incredible travelling opportunities, practicing purposeful travel here will benefit you greatly, helping you to become a citizen of the world and to have a greater understanding of how this continent ticks.


What exactly is Purposeful Travel?

Purposeful travel is travel with a purpose. Confused? Let’s make it easier to understand.

Whenever you are travelling somewhere, you will normally have a goal in mind. The most obvious goal is to relax and to take in all of the sights and sounds. Most will travel to get to the destination, especially those headed to some beach location, and then spend their time being laidback and slow. This is a fantastic way to relax, but it is not always the best kind of purpose you can have when heading somewhere new.

With purposeful travel, the goals look a little different. You could travel for self-improvement, you could travel to help out at a volunteer project, or you could travel to attend a school. Regardless of your reasons, when you are travelling with purpose, you will come back feeling like a whole new person.

Ways to practice Purposeful Travel

If this is something you are interested in trying out, here’s some tips for doing it.

  1. Do a holiday school course

Learning abroad is about so much more than just getting your qualification in something. All around, travelling to a new place alone is like having a learning experience like no other. You will get to meet new people, taste new foods, and learn how to live in a whole new place, even if it is just for a short while.

  1. Find a volunteer programme

Volunteer work can be very rewarding and there is plenty of need in this world, which means finding a volunteer programme is really easy. Simply look for what the country you plan to visit is offering.

  1. Choose something arty or meditative

Art or spiritual retreats are hugely popular these days and there are numerous options out there. A quick online search should present a range of opportunities and from there you can simply choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations.

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