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A non-profit volunteer-run organisation, Hoedspruit.HALO works with domestic animal welfare in the rural areas around Hoedspruit. The organisation was founded in 2016 and helps to feed domestic creatures that are brought into the clinic as well as tend to wounds and sicknesses. They rely on the kindness of strangers and do their best to educate pet owners while taking care of animals in need.



While there are few poaching units in the area, this one, in particular, is quite special in that it is the first majority female unit in the country. The unit was founded in 2013 to protect the Olifants West area of the Balule Nature Reserve. They have since expanded and now protect all areas of the Balule Nature Reserve as well as the Greater Kruger National Park. These fearsome rangers are committed to making the nature reserve as undesirable and as difficult as possible for poachers.


Hoedspruit Paws

Hoedspruit Paws is a local non-profit organisation that seeks to give all animals a happy, loving, safe home while they also take care of any animals in need. The team will do anything to give each pet a happy ending. Not only do they assist in helping animals find a forever home but they also aim to educate pet owners in order to reduce the number of abandoned litters. The organisation drives sterilisation campaigns to encourage pet owners to sterilise their pets and they are also passionate about ensuring that domestic animals get the appropriate vaccinations.


Nourish NPO

The Nourish NPO is determined to create sustainable change and have a long-term impact on both the communities they work in and in the field of conservation. Nourish is working towards creating a resilient community and focuses a lot of its work on health, education and access to opportunities in order to break the cycle of poverty in poor communities. Through doing this work, they also hope to minimise the impact of poaching.


Rhino Revolution

Rhinos are precious and on the brink of extinction due to poaching. Rhino Revolution works at the forefront to stop the poaching of Rhinos in South Africa. Based in Hoedspruit, Rhino Revolution is run by concerned citizens and not only aims to reduce the instances of poaching in the area, but also looks after the victims of poaching; the orphaned Rhinos. The focus of their work is the poor local communities who often resort to poaching as a way to survive. Rhino Revolution is turning the young people in the nearby communities into conservationists.