The Kruger National park can be an exciting place and can leave you in awe at the wonders it contains. To Capitalize on what the Kruger National Park has to offer, here are some tips for touring the Kruger like a pro:


Many may think that binoculars are irrelevant and not worth brining along with you on a when visiting the Kruger National Park, but those people couldn’t be more wrong. There is nothing as good as having a closeup view of an animal in the distance while others squint to figure out if the shape is a buffalo or a lion. You’d be surprised at what you can spot when you have a pair of binoculars in hand.

Dibs on the window seat!

Surely one of the best seats when driving around in the Kruger, whether it be you little Nissan Micra or one of the Safari Company’s large trucks for the simple reason being that you get an unobstructed view to look at the wonders around you. You have total photographic and visual freedom unlike your best friend that is squeezed in between everyone and forced to look into your head or straight ahead.

To the Trees!

Though a large majority of animals can be seen on good old solid ground, you would be surprised at what you may find lurking in the trees above your heads. You might be able to spot that rare bird you’ve been searching for to complete your collection, spot a leopard sleeping in a tree or for the very simple reason that you may like looking at the trees. There is such a huge variety of plants and animals in the Kruger that anything could be possible, it is one of the wildest places in Africa remember.

I didn’t expect that!

One of the most important things to do when visiting the Kruger National Park, is to come with no expectations whatsoever. One of the charms that make the Kruger Park such a popular and amazing place, is the total randomness of everything. Nothing is ever the same and because of this, your expectations may not be met and you whole Kruger trip could end up being a disappointment. So, throw away your plans and follow your gut, you never know what you may see.

I’m Thirsty!

Though this is not as safari oriented as the other tips, staying hydrated is very important when on a Kruger Park Safari. The overwhelming heat the Kruger Park is known for can take a toll on everyone and is especially tough if you aren’t hydrated. You would be so focused on getting to a place for a drink that you can miss so much.