Bordering on the Kruger National Park, Balule is a slice of African heaven on earth. Balule is a private nature reserve filled with luxury lodges and is home to a wide variety of uniquely African wildlife.

The reserve shares an open border with the Kruger National Park, which allows wildlife to pass from one reserve to the other, encouraging natural animal migration. For guests staying in Balule, it means limitless wildlife viewing when on safari. Unlike luxury lodges on the outskirts of the Kruger, guests staying in Balule will never have to travel to see the wildlife. They need only look out their bedroom window.

Due to the smaller size of Balule, guests generally have a more personal safari experience. The park is not overly full of safari vehicles, and so the entire safari has a more laid back feel. And nothing is quite as lovely as spending the day spotting wildlife before returning to our luxury bush lodge.

Toroyaka, a safari lodge situated in Balule, has the privilege of hosting guests from all over the world. Our luxury bush lodge is an exclusive oasis of tranquillity and calm, and part of our hospitality includes private safaris in the company of an experienced guide. Early mornings and late afternoons are made for wildlife viewing. Guests climb into our comfortable safari vehicle and venture slowly into the heart of Balule.

Cameras at the ready and, in the evenings, sundowners in hand, guests enjoy a relaxing once in a lifetime safari experience, seeing all kinds of interesting animals.  Our guide is filled with knowledge about the park and its animals, along with being an excellent tracker. Animals can be spotted around every corner, and the guide knows the best places to see wildlife.

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Balule Wildlife

The Olifants River runs through Balule, and animals can often be seen on the banks. The river attracts waterbuck, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and antelope of all kinds while spotting a predator close to the water’s edge is not uncommon. The reserve is also home to a tremendous hippo population and watching them slowing walking into the water for a splash while making contented grunting noises, is enough to cement Africa in your heart.

The reserve is home to the Big 5. Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino can be spotted from the decks of the lodge and while on safari. Having your camera with you when outdoors is so important, as animals can disappear as quickly as they appear.

There are also numerous rare animals living in Balule. Lucky guests can catch sight of the elusive honey badger or the shy civet.

Along with so many animals roaming the park, Balule also happens to be a bird watchers paradise. More than 250 birds can be seen in the reserve and the nearby river attracts all kinds of waders and other kinds of beautiful water birds. Eagles and vultures also live in the area.

A stay at Toroyaka, Balule’s luxury bush lodge, is one that you will remember forever. Book your stay with us today.