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The 5 Best Wildlife Apps to Download when you Visit Africa

Is there anyone who is travelling through life these days without a fairly modern smartphone? Not only are these nifty devices making life easier by helping us to all stay in touch, but with the various apps that are available out there, which cover just about every topic you could imagine, smartphones can help [...]

The 5 Best Wildlife Apps to Download when you Visit Africa2022-10-28T13:12:19+00:00

Balule Travel Essentials

Being able to book a holiday, pack your bags, board a plane and go out on that epic adventure is a modern-day luxury that is best done when you have properly packed and prepared for your trip. Often, to make the most of the holiday, especially if you are travelling to Balule, is to [...]

Balule Travel Essentials2022-08-31T13:46:32+00:00

Birding for Beginners

Some come to Africa to see the wildlife and to enjoy the scenery while others come here specifically to see the amazing birds which are indigenous to the continent. In an act known as birding, adventurers go on a safari in the hopes of seeing all sorts of incredibly birds, often devoting whole days [...]

Birding for Beginners2022-07-29T09:42:55+00:00

What is Purposeful Travel?

In this new post-COVID age, travel has taken on a whole new meaning, especially for those who are looking to have more than just the average travel experience. You could say we’ve taken the opportunity to travel for granted. And now that we can get outdoors again, and see the world in all its [...]

What is Purposeful Travel?2022-07-04T08:19:48+00:00

How to Plan a Late Afternoon Safari

A game drive is really what the safari trip is all about. Heading out in a packed vehicle, with snacks to munch on and other excited safari goers to mingle with, or on your own, if you are travelling by yourself through the vast and beautiful African landscapes, all while on the lookout for [...]

How to Plan a Late Afternoon Safari2022-05-30T14:03:29+00:00

Conscious Tourism and how you can travel without guilt

This form of tourism has taken on all sorts of forms. Sometimes it is referred to as responsible travel, ethical tourism, eco-tourism or even sustainable tourism. But although the terms are interchangeable, they are also not actually all the same, although each encourages sustainable travel. Before COVID-19 shook the industry, travellers the world over [...]

Conscious Tourism and how you can travel without guilt2020-05-22T08:55:16+00:00

What the future of travel might look like

Travel won’t be the same after COVID-19. If anything, the current pandemic is likely to not only change the way we travel, but also where we intend to go. It shouldn’t be all doom and gloom though. Much like everything in life, this situation will eventually pass, and those with an insatiable appetite for [...]

What the future of travel might look like2020-05-07T06:22:31+00:00

5 Reasons why you should see Africa

Inhale the quiet of nature and exhale the stresses that dominate day to day life. Toroyaka offers guests a haven, away from the world, deep in the heart of the African bush. Having the opportunity to travel to Africa is something that you should never pass up. As the world’s last wild destination, a [...]

5 Reasons why you should see Africa2019-11-13T11:26:04+00:00
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