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Kruger to relook at park apps

In 2020, the Kruger National Park is set to experience a few changes relating to tourism and the ways in which people get their information about animal sightings. As the popularity of the park continues to sore, and guests use technology to share information about the animals they see and where they see them, [...]

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King-sized and Majestic: The African Elephant

King-sized and Majestic: The African Elephant The African Elephant is a large mammal that can be found primarily in the Kruger National Park. The African Elephant is the largest land mammal on earth, weighing in at over 7 Tonnes and reaching 3.3 meters shoulder height. Elephants have a lifespan of about 70 years. The [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Safaris in Africa

Luxury safari lodges are spread out across most of South Africa’s most loved national and private game reserves. Along with providing comfortable accommodation in a serene setting, and all of the luxury amenities and facilities you can imagine, such lodges will generally also offer guests a real African safari. There is no place on [...]

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The Animals of Balule

Bordering on the Kruger National Park, Balule is a slice of African heaven on earth. Balule is a private nature reserve filled with luxury lodges and is home to a wide variety of uniquely African wildlife. The reserve shares an open border with the Kruger National Park, which allows wildlife to pass from one [...]

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Balule Nature Reserve

When staying in luxurious safari lodge accommodation, well away from the noise of the busy world, you can truly feel as though you are living in a bygone era. From the untouched bush to those breathtaking sunsets, Balule is a small slice of heaven Balule Nature Reserve, situated on the open western border [...]

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