A game drive is really what the safari trip is all about. Heading out in a packed vehicle, with snacks to munch on and other excited safari goers to mingle with, or on your own, if you are travelling by yourself through the vast and beautiful African landscapes, all while on the lookout for the incredible wildlife that is indigenous to this part of the world is an exciting experience that you are unlikely to ever forget.

Usually, there are 2 times of the day that are good for going on a safari.

The most popular time of day is the morning, when the air is cool and crisp and the wildlife is awakening from its slumber and heading out for that first bite to eat or a first drink of water. The early morning game drive is particularly popular during the summer months, when by about 11:00 am the heat of the day kicks in and the wildlife go into hiding, while the tourists start looking around for a swimming pool or a quiet shady spot.

While some safari trips will also include an afternoon game drive, it is often not the first choice for every person. An afternoon game drive is a little bit different to your usual early morning drive, and so when you are planning on making this your main type of game drive, if even for just one day of your trip, it helps to have some advice.

Tips for a Great Afternoon Game Drive

An afternoon safari will usually only take place later in the afternoon, well after 12:00 pm. The idea is to let the worst of the day’s heat melt away. Many of the best afternoon safaris will start from around 15:00 pm, and go on until just before the park closes to visitors.

When it comes to planning your late afternoon game drive, this is what you need to know.

Bring a hat and sunglasses

The sun is going down but the late afternoon sun can be rather strong. The late afternoon, especially in summer, is also going to be quite hot, as it has had just about a whole day to warm the earth and so you can expect it to be quite hot. For this reason, you should also bring along enough water to stay hydrated.

Take a jacket

Just because you are getting really hot when you head out on your safari doesn’t mean that the temperatures won’t be dropping quite quickly the moment the sun starts to go down. The day can become incredibly cool when the sun sets and you will want to be prepared for that change.

Take it slow

One of the most amazing things about an afternoon game drive is the fact that most parks slowdown in the afternoon, as the day guests head home. The roads, even those incredibly popular routes are quiet in the afternoons, and this means you can take the best lookout points and really just take your time enjoying the sights.

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