The internet has opened a whole new world for travellers of all kinds. On the net you can discover new places to go on holiday, as well as fantastic places to stay along with numerous things to do. Searching the internet yields thousands of results when it comes to safari lodges and safari companies, which is both beneficial and a bit of a problem.

Balule has a number of safari lodges for guests to enjoy and the safari lodges situated in this game reserve range from luxury, such as Toroyaka, to your more affordable options. Along with many lodges, there are also many safaris companies providing guided tours of the park. With the ever increasing popularity of safari holidays in South Africa, guests have never before had so many options at their disposal. And most of their options can be booked online, which is where the problems come in.

A personalised safari experience can be quite ruined by booking your stay and your safari with the wrong people, based on what you’ve read online. To help you make a more informed decision, you should keep these common mistakes in mind so that you can avoid them.

booking online

Common Mistakes People Make

  1. Taking everything you read online as true

While the internet is a wonderful resource for all kinds of valuable information that can help you decide where to spend your next holiday, there is a certain danger involved with reading and believing the wrong sources. Many people get their information from Instagram travellers, bloggers and vloggers, but what most don’t know is that these people are often paid to have a holiday that they then positively promote. This means that what you read about isn’t exactly the truth and as a result you might end up booking the worst holiday.

  1. Cheaper is not always better

We all want to save money when we are on holiday and it is no surprise that discounts can be attractive. The problem is that cheaper options are often cheap because the quality of the room or safari you book is considered inferior by industry standards. Sometimes what is advertised online is not what you end up getting.

  1. The do it yourself traveller

When you can search for any holiday online, and book pretty much every aspect of it via the internet, it is tempting to do it all yourself and remove the travel agent from the equation. You might be thinking that you are saving money by doing it all on your own, but you are unlikely to get the kind of discounts that travel agents can get for you. Travel agencies are also the safer option, as you will get what you see.

  1. Not reading the reviews

A quick search will also give you countless review sites, some of which are more honest and accurate than others. While not all reviews can be trusted, TripAdvisor, Google Places and Facebook are great starting points when you are looking to read about the experiences others have had. Reviews can be quite specific and they can include photos that aren’t being paid for.


Toroyaka offers guests a luxurious stay in a real safari lodge, deep in the heart of Balule Game Reserve. Book your stay with us and join a community of guests who’ve become family.