The King of the Antelope

One of the most iconic antelope in the Kruger National Park, the Kudu is the Face of the park. The Kudu is a very large antelope, with bulls weighing as much as 300kg and standing at an astounding 1.4m at the shoulder. Since the Kudu is a Dimorphic species, meaning the one gender is [...]

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What to expect from a luxury safari lodge in South Africa?

Every sunrise and sunset over the picturesque landscape of Balule, deep in the heart of Africa’s greater Kruger National Park is one to remember. And any stay in this beautiful part of the world is made all the more memorable when you select a luxury safari lodge. Toro Yaka invites guests from all over [...]

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Balule Nature Reserve

When staying in luxurious safari lodge accommodation, well away from the noise of the busy world, you can truly feel as though you are living in a bygone era. From the untouched bush to those breathtaking sunsets, Balule is a small slice of heaven Balule Nature Reserve, situated on the open western border [...]

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