There are plenty of predators that call the Kruger National Park Home. There are packs of powerful cats hunting together in the form of Lions, to the solitary and stealthy predator called the Crocodile. There are also plenty of cunning and amazing predators that call the Skies of the Kruger Home, the Birds of Prey. Birds of prey are birds that are predatory n nature, hunting smaller animals like frogs, lizards, birds and small mammals. These are generally large and very powerful birds that generate a presence when in an area.

Bateleur Eagle

The Bateleur Eagle is an astonishing and beautiful bird that can be found in the Kruger National Park. The Bateleur is a large multi-coloured bird with feathers in red, grey, brown and black. The Bateleur is a large bird that prefers the heat and dryness of the savannah. The Bateleur prefers areas that do not have forests as the open areas make hunting much easier. Bateleurs hunt antelope, lizards, snakes, carrion and mice. This raptor can take down prey that is slightly larger than itself. These birds spend up to 9 hours in the air, hunting and looking for prey, using their powerful eyes to hunt.

African Goshawk

The African Goshawk is one of the most popular raptors in Africa. These birds unfortunately have seen a steep decline in their population because of lack of habitat. The African Goshawk prefers living in forested areas above open plains for safety. These birds feed on mainly on small animals like birds, rodents, bats and reptiles. Goshawks do not travel far from their nests, preferring to hunt around their nesting areas. The Females are slightly larger than the males but are not as rufous.

African Fish Eagles

The African Fish Eagle is the most iconic bird in not only South Africa, but the whole continent. The African Fish Eagle is very welcome in the Kruger National Park and is a great sight and sound experience. The African Fish Eagle has a white head and neck with a black and brown feathers covering the rest of its body. The African Fish Eagle flies near water sources that can provide a steady and reliable food supply.  Their nests are built near bodies of water and are reused frequently between bird pairs. African Fish Eagles hunt primarily on fish but will also feed on smaller mammals, birds and reptiles.

White Bearded Vulture

The White Bearded Vulture is one of the oldest endemic species in Africa. Population numbers of this bird have dropped because of habitat limitations. Like all vultures, the White Headed Vulture feeds on carcasses of and very rarely feed on live animals like mongoose, monitor lizards, hares and some birds. The White Headed Vulture has a body that is mainly brown and black body with different brown gradients on its feathers and has the iconic bleach white head. These scavenging raptors prefer the hotter temperatures, living in warmer, dry and sandy areas which makes it very easy in spotting their prey.