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Conscious Tourism and how you can travel without guilt

This form of tourism has taken on all sorts of forms. Sometimes it is referred to as responsible travel, ethical tourism, eco-tourism or even sustainable tourism. But although the terms are interchangeable, they are also not actually all the same, although each encourages sustainable travel. Before COVID-19 shook the industry, travellers the world over [...]

Conscious Tourism and how you can travel without guilt2020-05-22T08:55:16+00:00

Birds of Prey

There are plenty of predators that call the Kruger National Park Home. There are packs of powerful cats hunting together in the form of Lions, to the solitary and stealthy predator called the Crocodile. There are also plenty of cunning and amazing predators that call the Skies of the Kruger Home, the Birds of [...]

Birds of Prey2020-05-06T08:17:24+00:00

What the future of travel might look like

Travel won’t be the same after COVID-19. If anything, the current pandemic is likely to not only change the way we travel, but also where we intend to go. It shouldn’t be all doom and gloom though. Much like everything in life, this situation will eventually pass, and those with an insatiable appetite for [...]

What the future of travel might look like2020-05-07T06:22:31+00:00

Tour the Kruger Park like a Pro

The Kruger National park can be an exciting place and can leave you in awe at the wonders it contains. To Capitalize on what the Kruger National Park has to offer, here are some tips for touring the Kruger like a pro: Binoculars! Many may think that binoculars are irrelevant and not [...]

Tour the Kruger Park like a Pro2020-02-26T09:24:25+00:00

The King of the Antelope

One of the most iconic antelope in the Kruger National Park, the Kudu is the Face of the park. The Kudu is a very large antelope, with bulls weighing as much as 300kg and standing at an astounding 1.4m at the shoulder. Since the Kudu is a Dimorphic species, meaning the one gender is [...]

The King of the Antelope2019-11-29T07:13:09+00:00

5 Reasons why you should see Africa

Inhale the quiet of nature and exhale the stresses that dominate day to day life. Toroyaka offers guests a haven, away from the world, deep in the heart of the African bush. Having the opportunity to travel to Africa is something that you should never pass up. As the world’s last wild destination, a [...]

5 Reasons why you should see Africa2019-11-13T11:26:04+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions about Safaris in Africa

Luxury safari lodges are spread out across most of South Africa’s most loved national and private game reserves. Along with providing comfortable accommodation in a serene setting, and all of the luxury amenities and facilities you can imagine, such lodges will generally also offer guests a real African safari. There is no place on [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about Safaris in Africa2019-11-13T09:22:19+00:00

A relaxing massage is all you need

Massage comes in many styles and all come with a variety of benefits Swedish Massage When you hear massage, you think its the rubbing of muscles to relax, which isn’t entirely incorrect. This form of massage is called Swedish Massage, a technique that consists of rubbing in long strokes in the direction [...]

A relaxing massage is all you need2019-09-13T07:23:58+00:00
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