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Unique birds to look out for during a safari

Lilac-breasted roller The Lilac Breasted Roller is one of the most colourful members of the Roller family of birds. The Lilac Breasted roller can be seen widely distributed all throughout the sub-Saharan Africa. Commonly found on its own or with a partner, it sits on high vantage points like high poles, the tops [...]

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Tour the Kruger Park like a Pro

The Kruger National park can be an exciting place and can leave you in awe at the wonders it contains. To Capitalize on what the Kruger National Park has to offer, here are some tips for touring the Kruger like a pro: Binoculars! Many may think that binoculars are irrelevant and not [...]

Tour the Kruger Park like a Pro2020-02-26T09:24:25+00:00

King-sized and Majestic: The African Elephant

King-sized and Majestic: The African Elephant The African Elephant is a large mammal that can be found primarily in the Kruger National Park. The African Elephant is the largest land mammal on earth, weighing in at over 7 Tonnes and reaching 3.3 meters shoulder height. Elephants have a lifespan of about 70 years. The [...]

King-sized and Majestic: The African Elephant2019-12-18T12:09:34+00:00

The King of the Antelope

One of the most iconic antelope in the Kruger National Park, the Kudu is the Face of the park. The Kudu is a very large antelope, with bulls weighing as much as 300kg and standing at an astounding 1.4m at the shoulder. Since the Kudu is a Dimorphic species, meaning the one gender is [...]

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A relaxing massage is all you need

Massage comes in many styles and all come with a variety of benefits Swedish Massage When you hear massage, you think its the rubbing of muscles to relax, which isn’t entirely incorrect. This form of massage is called Swedish Massage, a technique that consists of rubbing in long strokes in the direction [...]

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White Water Rafting Safety Tips

White Water Rafting is an extremely exciting activity but it is also quite dangerous. Here are 10 rules you need to know when tackeling the rapids... Rule #1: Never go Hungry Going White Water Rafting is a tiring and energy consuming activity and it would be very [...]

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