Massage comes in many styles and all come with a variety of benefits

Swedish Massage

When you hear massage, you think its the rubbing of muscles to relax, which isn’t entirely incorrect. This form of massage is called Swedish Massage, a technique that consists of rubbing in long strokes in the direction of blood flow that returns from the heart. This helps to increase overall blood flow, decreasing toxins found in the muscles, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and improving flexibility while slowly easing the tension.


Translated from Japanese, meaning Finger Pressure, Chiatsu is a massaging technique that consists of kneading, stretching, tapping, soothing and pressing without the use of oils but instead is performed through very thin and comfortable clothing. Some of the benefits that Chatsu include are; reducing muscle stiffness, aid digestion, influencing the function of the nervous system, stimulating the skin. Chiatsu has also been known to treat a number of chronic illnesses like PMS, Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, joint, neck and back pain, headaches and insomnia among others. Chiatsu is a non-invasive massage technique that can leave you feel relaxed, calm, invigorated or relieved.


Reflexology is a different kind of massage therapy that involves the masseuse applying varied amounts of pressure to the ears, feet and hands. Reflexology is based on the theory that certain organs and functions are connected to certain body parts and applying pressure to specific areas on those body parts will treat the organ or function connected to that point. Some of the benefits of Reflexology include pain reduction, reduction in stress and anxiety, improvement in overall well-being and a lift in their mood. Some patients have also reported that Reflexology helped to boost their immune system, balance their hormones, ease their arthritis, clear sinus problems, boosting fertility and increase digestion among others.


Aromatherapy isn’t massage in the physical sense of the word but it can sometimes be just as effective as other physical massage methods. Aromatherapy is a very ancient technique that dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Indians, where a variety of aromatic plant materials such as oils, balms and resins. The modern techniques that Aromatherapy consist of clay masks, body oils, lotions, creams, inhalers and bathing salts. Some benefits that Aromatherapy provide include, pain management, improve digestion, easing labour discomforts, alleviating chemotherapy side effects, soothing sore joints and fighting fungus, viruses and bacteria.

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