Inhale the quiet of nature and exhale the stresses that dominate day to day life.

Toroyaka offers guests a haven, away from the world, deep in the heart of the African bush. Having the opportunity to travel to Africa is something that you should never pass up. As the world’s last wild destination, a continent that might never be tamed, a trip here is a chance to revive your soul.

The continent is overflowing with culture, rich tradition, breathtaking landscapes, indigenous wildlife, and a vibrant melting pot of history. A trip to Africa will leave you inspired every step of the way, as our world is truly unlike any place you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Everyone should come to Africa at least once. And this is why:

  1. The Wildlife

For centuries, Africa has lured excited adventurers from all corners of the world to embark on a safari. The word safari comes from a Swahili word which translates to either journey or travel. It is a word that has become famous for explaining an African adventure into the wild. Countless countries across the continent offer this kind of trip, and guests will never be closer to the wildlife and their vulnerable habitats than while on a safari trip.  The Kruger National Park is without a doubt the most popular destination to enjoy a safari and hundreds of thousands of guests will enter the park each year, hoping to spot the Big 5.

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  1. The Mountains and Valleys

African landscapes are as diverse as the people. From Mt Kilimanjaro and its ice capped peaks to the Great Rift Valley, Africa is a place of magic. The continent is a photographic opportunity waiting to happen and guests who visit can get in touch with nature in a way that no other destination offers. When you walk along the African plains, with your bare feet in the dirt, you can’t help but feel that connection to the earth and feel the drumbeat of history go through you.

  1. The Blue Waters

Africa is so much more than a safari destination. The East Coast of the continent, with its azure, warm Indian Ocean Waters, is a place for surfing, fishing, snorkelling and diving. It is a place where you can sit on the white sandy beaches and watch the local’s fish. The beaches of the East Coast are tropical in nearly every sense and the ideal place to get a tan.

  1. A Chance to do Good

As a developing continent, Africa is home to all sorts of charities, giving guests a good chance to get involved in the community. From animal conservation efforts to people focused endeavours, there is a lot of need in Africa.

  1. The Activities

As such a wild continent, there are plenty of exciting activities to be enjoyed. White river rafting, bungee jumping, surfing, quad biking, walking safaris, hiking, mountain climbing, the list is literally endless. When planning your trip, be sure to have a look at what each area offers in terms of activities.

Toroyaka is a luxury safari lodge in Africa, Balule to be more specific. Book your stay with us and enjoy a wonderful experience that you won’t soon forget.